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About Us


WARTZONE is a German-based custom art brand that works alongside the best suppliers throughout the United States and Europe. We strive to ensure that the packages delivered to you not only arrive fast, but that they are also products of the utmost quality that will light up any crazy gamer’s room.


We are a young team with an enormous passion for both art and gaming; moreover, we are not afraid to think big or stand out from the rest. At WARTZONE, we believe that every design we provide is a unique piece of art with tremendous power to spread happiness to the special people in your life. That is why our mission is to bring you designs that are highly exclusive, unique, and detailed.


WARTZONE all began with our founder and his astonishment upon realizing that there was virtually no market for custom wall art designs that he could gift to his nephew, an enthusiastic Call of Duty superfan, for his birthday. Thus, WARTZONE was brought to life and continues today. We treat each design as if it were being crafted for our own loved ones, and there is not a detail we won’t account for. At WARTZONE, we believe in not only the profound impact of beautiful art, but in the unyielding strength that gaming has to unify all from around the world.

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